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Friday, April 1, 2016

Kitchen - Bits & Pieces

Kitchen carpentry works going on. Just some work in progress photos I took. Our kitchen is rectangular shaped hence we can only do two rows of counters. And because the bomb shelter (a.k.a the storage room) is on one side of the wall which means we can't hack down the wall to have an open kitchen, which I am quite sad about. Anyways, like most HDB BTOs flats, our kitchen is not big but not too small either (I have seen smaller kitchens).  

We decided to do one counter "regular" size which fits the hob and sink while the opposite counter a little narrower so we can have a wider walkway. This is one of the best choice we made because it made our kitchen look big yet we have the counter space and storage.

This is the "regular" side with sink, hood, hob & fridge. We did top and bottom cabinets on this side.

This is the narrower side which we only did the bottom cabinets as we felt that having both sides with top cabinets will be "over-crowded" and feels heavy and dark. Not adding the top cabinets makes the entire kitchen brighter and more airy.

Fridge on the the "regular" side. Our wonderful fridge is from LG and I really like it! Big enough for a small kitchen!

I can't seem to find photos of the completed kitchen (or perhaps I forgot to take photos of it!), I will take photos of the kitchen when its is nice and tidy (it is really messy right now!). Anyway, I DIY-ed the dividers in the cutlery drawer by using some scrap cardboard and covered it with nice wrapping paper. I hot glued the individual pieces together and that's it! Now I don't have to search the entire drawer for a spoon or fork! And it makes me happy looking at how organize this drawer is.

On a random note, I do not like dishwasher bottles. I find them ugly looking and spoil the look of a nice looking kitchen. Hence, I bought some clear bottles from Daiso and transferred them in. Added them to a tray and I think it looks so much nicer and neater! I also added chalkboard stickers to the bottles to differentiate the dishwasher and hand soap.

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