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Friday, April 8, 2016

Laundry Room

We don't really have a legit laundry room but we have the small area behind the kitchen which is called the yard area and its really small. I like to call it our laundry room.

Like all Singapore flats, this room is not exactly pretty. You will see big pipes here and it is really an eyesore. I do not have the before photo of our laundry area but it looks something like this.

Hence, we decided to cover up the hideous pipes by building it to look like a cabinet.

We also added a laundry sink which I totally heart because its so convenient for hand wash clothing. Since the area is really small, adding a sink here is a total challenge. We searched high and low for perfect stainless steel sink that could fit in that space and is deep enough for washing (most small sinks are shallow wash basins). We managed to find this stainless steel sink from Rubine and it cost only about SGD100! 

Rubine Stainless Steel Sink - Model:ZEX 810-53 

Here is the completed look. Not yet decorated but definitely looked better than original. And that sink, so useful! There are also storage space under the sink for extra storage. This "cover-up" not only hides the ugly big pipes but it also serves as storage for brooms and mops. Now I don't have to see brooms and mops all over the floor.

Standing in the kitchen facing the laundry room. After sometime, we felt that the original wall colour is a little plain and boring hence we decided to paint it (should have done so before the carpentry works!).

What's better than getting inspirations from Pinterest? 

In the end, we go with Nippon Paint's "Nice Mint". 

Painting's done! Next will be installing some shelves and add a little decor. 

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