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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Have you ever saw something online, want it real bad but just couldn't source it? That's happens even more when you are scrolling through Pinterest, seeing all those great things people shared. While browsing Pinterest, I fell in love with this Christmas tree decor by Kara's Party Ideas. I knew I had to recreate my own ornaments (cuz I can't find it anywhere in Singapore!).

I created three heart designs in two sizes and cut them out. I chose to go with Black, White & Gold theme for this year's Christmas.

 Because they were printed on normal printing paper, they won't be able to hold their shape when you hang them on the tree. Initially I though of sticking them on cardboard to make them thicker but that would be a lot of work (tracing heart shape on the cardboard, cutting them out one by one). Hence I thought of laminating them! It will make the paper hard and protect it from wear and tear, and its easy!

I used A4 size laminating pouch and try to squeeze in as many hearts as possible to fill up the pouch. Do leave some space in between for cutting later.

The colour looked more vibrant after laminating! Let the laminated sheet cool for a while and cut out the shapes leaving about 2-3mm of border.

Punch a hole in the middle and tie a string or ribbon to it and you're done!
Hang them on the tree now!

You can print what ever design or shape you desire and you can have your own DIY Christmas Ornament! Super budget friendly too!

Now if you like my theme this year, here's the free printable for you! Happy Holidays!
Black, White & Gold Heart Shape Christmas Ornament Printable - Big
Black, White & Gold Heart Shape Christmas Ornament Printable - Small

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