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Friday, April 22, 2016

Walk-in Closet

I think most girls dream about having a walk-in closet but given the small HDB apartment space, we were not given closets in bedrooms. YES, our bedrooms are just big enough to put a bed and side tables. We could if we want, squeeze in one small wardrobe which totally can't hold both our clothes and will make the bedroom super cramped. So we decided to use one of the spare bedroom as our walk-in closet which I call it the "walk-out closet" because this room is next to our master and we have to walk out a few steps to reach this room. We could have took down part of the wall to connect both rooms but we thought it will troublesome if we were to sell this apartment few years down the road. Walking a few steps is still alright I guess!

Preparing for painting! We chose a mint-grey-teal-ish colour from Dulux (I'm sorry, that's the best I can describe!) which I really love!

We also decided on the IKEA Pax System instead of custom built wardrobes as it saved us half the cost and I like the flexibility where I can always go back to the store to get an extra drawer or shelving should I decide to change something. 

Another thing I like about IKEA Pax System is that IKEA has a free online 3D Pax Planner for you to plan and design how you like your Pax System to be. After you selected all that you want including the accessories, the total amount will be shown and you can print out the entire shopping list and simply show it to any IKEA crew and they will get those items for you. That simple!

Plan view of our layout
Inner shelving and compartments

We also made the right choice of hiring IKEA's installation team. They took 2-3 hours for the entire installation. I can't imagine if we were the ones installing them.

The finished product! Initially, I wanted an open wardrobe (without doors) but we decided on having doors to prevent dust and to hide any untidiness. Mirror doors also create an illusion of bigger space. We wanted sliding doors (space saving) but IKEA does not have full plain mirrored sliding door hence we chose the hinged doors instead.

We also got two Billy bookcases for my shoes and bags storage. However, our wall skirting is higher hence we have to cut some of the Billy bookcase off in order to fit against the wall. We also bought extra shelves for extra storage.

The IKEA Malm Dressing Table was awesome. It looks chic, comes with glass top which is always good when it comes to make up, have storage drawer and the right size. No wonder every beauty guru has it! The chair and faux sheepskin were also from IKEA (can't you already tell I love IKEA?).

The rug was also from IKEA and the ottoman was a DIY project which I will share in the next post.
Till then,

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