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Friday, March 20, 2015

Getting our first house!

About a year ago, we received the letter from HDB saying that we can collect the keys to our new house. I still can recall how excited we were then! We applied for a new apartment under Build-To-Order (BTO) scheme in July 2010, received invitation letter in September 2010 to select an unit. We're super lucky our queue number was 12 (among few hundred applicants) and we're able to select the unit we wanted. Phew, that's a long 3.5 years wait to get the keys!

Our keys!!!

Our unit is a 4-room premium apartment which means that the floor & wall tiles and parquet flooring were pre-installed for us. Apartments in Singapore is small (and expensive!), ours was only 96 sqm including the balcony.

Living & Dining Room
This is the view when you enter the main door. Sorry about the low quality photos using my iPhone and also the mess around the house!

Utility box cabinet
To the right of the main door (if you're facing the living area) is a built in cabinet where the utility box is hidden in. I think its a great idea to hide that hideous power box. Most of the utility box are actually install on the walls without these cabinets in older apartments (what an eyesore!). The bottom area works just right for our shoes storage, well mainly for the man of house because we girls could use a little bigger storage space (*wink*). I will reveal that in a future post.

Right beside that is the entrance to the kitchen! Right where Mr. R is standing.

Kitchen entrance
It's a decent size kitchen and I must say I heart my kitchen after the renovation when the cabinets and table tops are all up! Let's wait patiently 'till I post on that.

Kitchen leading to yard (a.k.a laundry room)
The kitchen leads to the yard area where it is commonly used as the laundry room. The air-con compressor is also installed near the yard area. See all the ugly pipes at the top right and at the yard area? Those will be concealed during renovation.

Hallway to bedrooms
Stepping out of kitchen is the hallway that leads to the bedrooms, bathrooms and bomb shelter (a.k.a storage room) on the right. The room straight at the end is the master bedroom. The two rooms on the left will be used as a guestroom/office and other room will be used as our walk-in and my beauty room (oh yeah~).

Guest Room/Office
Bedroom 1 will be used as our guest room/office/play room (not Fifty Shades of Grey kind of "Play Room"). We plan to put a day bed, a work desk & chair and probably some storage units. This is also the place where we will play the Foosball machine. It was suppose to be an entertainment room where we have Nintendo Wii, TV, Dartboard, boardgames etc etc .... but to be more practical we decided to use it as a guest room cum office and also a place for the Foosball machine.

Walk-in closet / Beauty room
Bedroom 2 looks just like Bedroom 1 but a mirror-image of it. We will use this room to storage our clothes, shoes, bags, make-up and nail polishes. Its actually my beauty room, where Mr. R gladly gives it to me to fulfill my dream of a walk-in closet! Well, it's not really a "walk-in" because we basically have to walk out of our master bedroom (which is next to this room) to get to this room. We didn't want the trouble of hacking down part of the wall and conceal the door, and we don't mind the few steps walk plus it saves cost.

Master bedroom
Master bedroom
 Finally the master bedroom! As you can see, the room size is really small so if we were to put our closet here it will be so cramped. I had no idea why we have those funny sunk-in walls in every rooms in the house including the living room. It really is very annoying when it comes to furniture placement.

Master bathroom
The very tiny master bathroom (faint!). It comes with the toilet, vanity sink, shower head and the floor & wall tiles. The wall tiles aren't too bad and some of our family & friends actually liked them! We will add storage cabinet under the sink for more storage and also shower screens.

Common bathroom

The common bathroom is slightly bigger than the master bathroom (I don't know why). We will change the standing sink to one with storage cabinet.

Common bathroom
The tiles of both bathrooms are the same blue pixelated tiles. We will install a shower screen here too.

That wraps up our unfinished house tour! Next up will be design, planning & renovation!


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